Set Descending Direction
  • 2-Piece Damaged Screw Remover

    2-Piece Damaged Screw Remover

    Remove worn, damaged screws In seconds!
    Item No: T379
  • Newspaper Briquette Maker

    Newspaper Briquette Maker

    Turn paper into firewood... and save $$$
    Item No: H1661
  • A4 Paper Shredder

    A4 Paper Shredder

    10 Reviews
    Stop identity theft!
    Item No: S255
  • Mineral Magnet

    Mineral Magnet

    13 Reviews
    Never scrub your toilet again!
    Item No: HB58
  • Doll Bag Dispenser

    Doll Bag Dispenser

    17 Reviews
    Keep grocery bags neat and handy!
    Item No: K1718
  • Drill Bit Set - 4 piece

    Drill Bit Set - 4 piece

    12 Reviews
    Take that old power drill to a whole new level with these amazing Titanium Drill Bits! This set saws, reams, drills and cuts through wood, plastic, brass, aluminum or sheet metal, like butter! We’re sure they’ll become the most reliable addition to your tool kit.. A great gift idea for any handyman or woman! Makes cutting round or square holes a breeze.
    Item No: T301
  • Lens Buff

    Lens Buff

    6 Reviews
    Repair scratched lenses and save $$$!
    Item No: U166
  • Multi-Purpose Power Grip

    Multi-Purpose Power Grip

    11 Reviews
    Effortlessly open stubborn jars or turn hard to grasp stove dials or taps
    Item No: H1645
  • Garden Seat Kneeler With Organiser

    Garden Seat Kneeler With Organiser

    14 Reviews
    Save your back and knees when gardening!
    Item No: QQ144
  • Rapid Repair Welder Pen

    Rapid Repair Welder Pen

    7 Reviews
    Make PERMANENT seals and repairs!
    Item No: T384
  • Garden Hose Nozzle

    Garden Hose Nozzle

    9 Reviews
    Turn your garden hose into a high pressure jet sprayer!
    Item No: QQ127
  • Silicone Polishing Cloth

    Silicone Polishing Cloth

    21 Reviews
    Forget messy polishes and toxic sprays!
    Item No: HC51