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  • Brooklyn LED Lantern

    Brooklyn LED Lantern

    16 Reviews
    Provides enough illumination that will light up an entire room!
    Product Code: L150
  • Lantern with 12 Super LEDs

    Lantern with 12 Super LEDs

    17 Reviews
    This handy LED Lantern will give up to 100,000 hours of bright light.
    Product Code: L155
  • Mini Fan With Torch

    Mini Fan With Torch

    A torch at night!
    Product Code: N664
  • Solar Lantern - Candle Design

    Solar Lantern - Candle Design

    This ingenious solar candle lantern will fill your home or garden with a dancing soft glow
    Product Code: L136
  • 9 LED Aluminium Flashlight

    9 LED Aluminium Flashlight

    Always have a light when you need it!
    Product Code: L132