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  • Alligator Tape

    Alligator Tape

    19 Reviews
    You can rely on this rugged reinforced tape to repair almost anything!
    Item No: T377
  • No Spill Strip Stove Guard

    No Spill Strip Stove Guard

    This keeps food spills out of that narrow, hard-to-clean space.
    Item No: H116
  • Screen Cleaner Brush

    Screen Cleaner Brush

    21 Reviews
    Clean fly screens without water and without mess!
    Item No: H934
  • Long Handled Microfibre Duster

    Long Handled Microfibre Duster

    31 Reviews
    Effortlessly clean between the smallest gaps!
    Item No: H899
  • 2-Piece Damaged Screw Remover

    2-Piece Damaged Screw Remover

    9 Reviews
    Remove worn, damaged screws In seconds!
    Item No: T379
  • Fly Screen Repair Tape

    Fly Screen Repair Tape

    15 Reviews
    Repair a tear in seconds with this innovative fly screen repair tape
    Item No: T345
  • Double Sided Draught Stopper

    Double Sided Draught Stopper

    19 Reviews
    Stop cold draughts from creeping in under your doors this winter!
    Item No: H1031
  • Track Cleaning Brush

    Track Cleaning Brush

    40 Reviews
    It will sweep away dirt, grease and grime!
    Item No: H1393
  • Self-Threading Needles

    Self-Threading Needles

    9 Reviews
    Never struggle to thread a needle again!
    Item No: Y082
  • Diamond Knife Sharpener

    Diamond Knife Sharpener

    10 Reviews
    Get a razor sharp edge on any blade!
    Item No: T309
  • Fabric Glue

    Fabric Glue

    17 Reviews
    This incredible mending liquid is the perfect solution
    Item No: Y051
  • Silicone Polishing Cloth

    Silicone Polishing Cloth

    30 Reviews
    Forget messy polishes and toxic sprays!
    Item No: HC51