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  • Grime and Grout Brush

    Grime and Grout Brush

    Remove Unslightly Grime... Without Bending Or Straining!
    Item No: HC60
  • No Spill Strip Stove Guard

    No Spill Strip Stove Guard

    4 Reviews
    This keeps food spills out of that narrow, hard-to-clean space.
    Item No: H116
  • Track Cleaning Brush

    Track Cleaning Brush

    44 Reviews
    It will sweep away dirt, grease and grime!
    Item No: H1393
  • Hairline Crack Sealer

    Hairline Crack Sealer

    STOP Cracks In Their Tracks
    Item No: H1685
  • Pliable Tape

    Pliable Tape

    8 Reviews
    Create an instant seal proof barrier
    Item No: T386
  • Diamond Knife Sharpener

    Diamond Knife Sharpener

    13 Reviews
    Get a razor sharp edge on any blade!
    Item No: T309
  • Newspaper Briquette Maker

    Newspaper Briquette Maker

    Turn paper into firewood... and save $$$
    Item No: H1661
  • Fly Screen Repair Tape

    Fly Screen Repair Tape

    16 Reviews
    Repair a tear in seconds with this innovative fly screen repair tape
    Item No: T345
  • Carpet Cleaner - White Wizard

    Carpet Cleaner - White Wizard

    23 Reviews
    Easily remove the toughest stains off carpets and upholstery in seconds
    Item No: H476
  • Stone, Patio And Deck Cleaner

    Stone, Patio And Deck Cleaner

    Prevent nasty falls on slippery surfaces!
    Item No: QQ142
  • Handrail Safety Stool

    Handrail Safety Stool

    19 Reviews
    Reach high cupboards safely with confidence!
    Item No: J1091
  • Fabric Glue

    Fabric Glue

    17 Reviews
    This incredible mending liquid is the perfect solution
    Item No: Y051

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