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  • Anywhere Torch

    Anywhere Torch

    27 Reviews
    Handy torch provides large area illumination for all low light situations.
    Item No: L171
  • Winshield Anti Fog Wipe

    Winshield Anti Fog Wipe

    9 Reviews
    Just one wipe and fog stays away from bathroom mirrors, car windows, kitchen and spectacles! Amazing mitt is treated with a special chemical that prevents moisture buildup on glass, mirrors and car windscreens to stop the fog! Active fog fighting ingredients last as long as the mitt. Ideal for inside car windows. Keep mirrors and windows fog-free!
    Item No: N359
  • Clear Dome Umbrella

    Clear Dome Umbrella

    Walk safely in the rain
    Item No: N539
  • Harmonica


    6 Reviews
    Old-time harmonica is back!
    Item No: N660
  • Reversible Umbrella

    Reversible Umbrella

    Stay Dry... as easy as 1, 2, 3!
    Item No: N668
  • Alligator Tape

    Alligator Tape

    8 Reviews
    You can rely on this rugged reinforced tape to repair almost anything!
    Item No: T377
  • 2-Piece Damaged Screw Remover

    2-Piece Damaged Screw Remover

    Remove worn, damaged screws In seconds!
    Item No: T379
  • Rapid Repair Welder Pen

    Rapid Repair Welder Pen

    7 Reviews
    Make PERMANENT seals and repairs!
    Item No: T384
  • Stackable Organiser

    Stackable Organiser

    8 Reviews
    Say goodbye to cluttered cupboards!
    Item No: W363
  • Leather Lumbar Support Seat Cushion

    Leather Lumbar Support Seat Cushion

    31 Reviews
    Helps soothe your aching back!
    Item No: M152
  • Wide Rear View Mirror

    Wide Rear View Mirror

    25 Reviews
    Avoid accidents and near misses while changing lanes or reversing!
    Item No: M156
  • Identity Protection Stamp

    Identity Protection Stamp

    24 Reviews
    This rolling stamp makes identity protection simple and easy
    Item No: S222