Solar Snake Repellent

Solar Snake Repellent

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Keep your family safe from snakes with this solar snake repellent!

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Product Description
Simply stake it in the ground and it will repel all species of snakes by emitting a sonic pulse through the ground. Any nearby snakes will feel the vibration and perceive the area as dangerous, encouraging them to turn away and leave your property. So protect your family, your pets and yourself from dangerous snakes and keep them out of your yard. 15m of coverage.

No electricity required
Repeller runs 24 hours
Works on all Australian
Snake species

This snake repeller will keep snakes out of your yard away from your kids and pets.
Product Detail
DimensionsMeasures 34.5cm H x 15.5cm W
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snake repellent
By Kathy Opden-Akker on 10/12/2017
appears to work well its the second lot I've got and very happy with the first
By Bessy K on 16/11/2017
Working well so far. The first lot I got, water got into it so had to be replaced. See how this lot goes
Good Purchase
By Caroline Dougan on 14/11/2017
This is the 4th solar snake repellent I have purchased and living in the country and near a water course, it is a must and has been a godsend for keeping the brown snake at bay. Good buy
Snakes away!
By Steph Shannon on 11/11/2017
product performing well thus far.
Excellent snake repellents.
By Lyn Simpson on 10/11/2017
Find them very good we are on a farm haven't had any snakes around the house.
A must have purchase!!
By Yvonne Fraser (Yve) on 1/04/2017
I bought one for our daughter on a farm. The dog runs free in the house paddock and although snakes seen around the dairy no snakes in the gardens around the farmhouse. So far so good. Yve Fraser
Working Well
By G Banger on 11/03/2017
Working well no snakes so I guess it is working