Solar Animal Repeller

Solar Animal Repeller

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Keep unwanted animals out of the yard

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Product Description
Now you can repel unwanted animals from your yard or garden with this Solar Animal Repeller, with no cords or electricity needed. Simply stake anywhere in your yard and it’ll automatically sense movement up to 9 metres away, then give off an ultrasonic sound that’ll send mice, rats, possums, stray cats and dogs, running in their tracks! If heavy rains are coming, remove the product from outdoor to indoor. 4 x AA rechargeable batteries are already included in the item.

Unlike traps and baits, it’s completely safe to use around children.
Product Detail
ColourBlack, Green
Batteries IncludedYes
Type of BatteryAA
Number of Batteries4
Dimensions11.5 x 8.5 x 41.5cm
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Solar Animal Repeller
By Bella on 7/08/2017
I bought this product (two actually) to prevent possums or other animals pooing on our driveway and side of the house during the night, as I'm getting tired of brushing their stuff everyday. However, the solar animal repeller has not worked at all and their poo on the driveway and side of the house still greets us every morning, so it was just a waste of money.
Not happy
By Fran on 19/07/2017
I'm not happy. The pademelons and possums ignore it and continue to enjoy what's left of my vegie patch. I thought it would work, given your endorsements.
Solar Animal Panel
By Kay on 27/04/2017
Arrived Safely. Does not seem to work on our possums. They are still eating the mango tree leaves.
Not bad could be a lot better.
By Elaine on 18/04/2017
Arrived in good order and worked well for about a month. Stopped working after it was unavoidably left out in the rain. Better weather proofing would make the product more usable.
Solar Animal Repeller
By Al on 13/04/2017
This repeller was bought because of a cat problem .It has stopped the cat from walking past our place and that is what it does well .I saw the cat standing in the middle of the road after it got zapped and it was not happy . Good buy as far as I am concerned.
Possum raid
By Ray on 11/04/2017
We have used our solar animal guard to protect our Camellia shrub from possum gourmets. They love to nibble any new shoots. So far it is having a positive effect. Just waiting to see if the flowers are protected as well.
Catch 'em
By Trevor on 9/04/2017
working well when others have not done so