Non Stick Chefs Knife

Non Stick Chefs Knife

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Japanese style chef's knife! Brings precision cutting and slicing!

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Product Description
Unlike regular knives, this Non-Stick Chef’s Knife features a Japanese style blade that’s been sharpened on one side, for a super sharp cutting edge. Also features integrated air holes so food won’t stick while the handle has gripper dots for safer handling too. So now, you’ll carve meat like butter, glide easily through cheese and fillet fish, just like a professional Sashimi Chef.

A super sharp cutting edge

Integrated air holes for a non-stick surface

Slice tomato, Carve meat, Fillet Fish!
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Chef's Knife
By John Allan on 21/12/2017
Found it a bit blunt and not as sharp as advertised.
By Denise on 28/11/2017
Loving the knife
Non Stick Chefs Knife
By Ronald Scott on 25/11/2017
Excellent Knife i have found it very useful with cutting up fruit and vegetables
Not Sharp
By Raymond on 25/11/2017
Very blunt and falsely advertised as sharp. Had to sharpen myself.
By Maria on 22/11/2017
This is a useless knife. Cuts nothing.
VERY Disapointed
By Anne on 17/11/2017
A blunt Knife I could not cut paper usless
Disappointing knife.
By Judy on 10/11/2017
I am very disappointed with the knife. It is useless to cut meat and vegetables but works on cake and slices. It is a waste of money really.