Moth balls
Moth balls
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Repel moths forever naturally!

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Now you can use natures best defence against moths while you keep your clothes and lines smelling fresh and upholsteries protected! Featuring the fresh clean scent of natural camphor they won't affect allergy sufferers, like traditional moth balls and they'll last forever!

Combats musty and unpleasant odours too!

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Moth Balls
By Peter Webster on 1/04/2017
These are already in use, to keeps moths out of our woollen garments while in storage over summer; keeping moths away. I like the aroma and the convenience.
By Barbara munn on 1/04/2017
I place them in little bags and stash them amongst my material and craft paper, they are great, dont smell like the old fashion moth balls!
Moth balls
By Iris Newbold on 25/03/2017
Iam very happy with the moth balls, I give it a 5 star
Moth balls
By Carolyn on 22/03/2017
Great for packing things away
Moth balls
By Kay Ezzy on 14/03/2017
Great for my walkin robe. Not too smelly.
Camphor balls
By Pam on 14/03/2017
I have happily used this product before and trust it will be reliable again.
By Ross Mc Nellie on 13/03/2017
My wife makes these moth balls disappear and never complains at all about them.