Magnetic Knee Support Strap
Magnetic Knee Support Strap
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Help your aching knee joints

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Product Description
This comfortable support has four rows of specially positioned magnets actually woven into the poly cotton material, creating a magnetic field around sore, injured or unbalanced knees. The gentle compression supports knees while walking, at sport or to help with the swelling associated with Arthritis. Undetectable under clothing.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions page for more information about magnets.

This soft and comfortable brace may ease aching joints and stiffness!

Magnetic Therapy Products are not suitable for those who are pregnant, use pacemakers or insulin pumps. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. To learn more, visit the 'Alternative Therapies' section on our Terms and Conditions page.
Product Detail
MaterialPoly Cotton
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Natural Therapy for relief of pain.
By Jen on 11/04/2017
Good product. I am a firm beleiver in the use of magnets to assist in the control of pain.
By Rseanne Bentley on 6/04/2017
Have got my knee support strap use it on a day to day very happy with it
It works but .........
By Ron on 6/04/2017
I notice that most of the reviews are from ladies who are happy with the product but I think you need two sizes. I am a male with normal sized (I think) knees but the support strap was too tight and I had to take it off half way through the night because it was hurting.
Walk up straight for once!!!
By Tony Lovelock on 6/04/2017
With the assistance of a cream I use, it is really doing it's job
Good product
By Edna Raines on 6/04/2017
These supports are excellent. I find them very helpful when my arthritic knees ache at night in bed, and I can get a good night's sleep.
They work
By Maureen Fraser on 27/02/2017
Magnetic knee strap works - both my husband and mother love them as they 1. work and 2. are comfortable to wear and 3. machine washable.
Second order not received!
By Professor Don Fitzgerald (Not for publication) on 29/05/2016
This product has provided very useful support for a knee that had been replaced with a metal joint. So much so that I ordered a second. However the second strap has not arrived!