Lumbar Support Cushion

Lumbar Support Cushion

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Keep your spine properly aligned and ease your sore back

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Product Description
With its ingenious wedge shape, the lumbar support cushion molds to the shape of your back giving you complete support. The spinal support column and unique ‘wings' curve around your sides helping to reduce pressure on your lower back while you sit or drive.

Don't let a bad back take over your life any longer! Keep your spine properly aligned and ease your sore back with this amazingly comfortable contoured cushion. Elastic strap at back. Cover is washable.

Sit comfortably for hours in any chair!
Product Detail
MaterialFleece, Polyester, Sponge
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Terrific lumbar support
By Sally on 7/01/2018
Very good support in the car and for a chair. I am buying another one.
Lumbar Support
By jentbear on 3/01/2018
Excellent cushion, very comfortable.
Lumber Support Cushion
By Alexa Lang on 31/12/2017
Great cushion it helps a lot. Thank you.
very good
By a.aoki on 23/12/2017
very comfortable even long drive,so I bought 3 one for my wife and another one for my good friend for birthday party
Dual purposes item
By June on 15/12/2017
Great product.I use it every day for comfort while at the computer. My son borrows it at night while driving taxis.
car seat improver
By Derek on 8/12/2017
So far no problems elastic band to hold it to car seat should be longer
Good buy
By Anne Bissett on 15/11/2017
I purchased the lumber support cushion for use in my car not primarily for support but to help me not to have to be so close to the steering wheel [ I am short]. This works well and I also enjoy the support