Lettuce Storage Bag

Lettuce Storage Bag

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Extend the life of your lettuce!

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Innovative Lettuce Storage Bag will keep your lettuce fresh for up to 2 weeks! Insulated, the drawstring bag cleverly keeps oxygen out that will preserve the lettuce, stopping it from turning brown and spoiling.

Generous in size it holds an entire head of lettuce and it can be used for leafy greens too. So end unnecessary wastage and keep your greens fresher for much longer. Best kept in the fridge.
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It works excellently. I have not had to throw out lettuce since purchasing this bag.
By Jenny Jorgensen on 2/01/2018
I had been looking for something to keep our lettuce for a long time.
Lettuce Storage Bag
By Pamela Glasson on 1/01/2018
The lettuce storage bag is absolutely fantastic. The lettuce has been in the bag for a fortnight and it is still fresh.
Good idea
By M. O'Donnell on 1/01/2018
Ok. Good for whole lettuce not leaves. Inner lining does come out. But I have stitched mine to prevent this. Have bought a second to go in the caravan.
Lettuce Storage Bag
By Alexa Lang on 31/12/2017
The lettuce Bag is keeping the lettuce very well great product. May send for one more sametime soon because our daughter said it keeps broccoli good as well.

Lettuce storage bag
By Barb Parker on 30/12/2017
Very pleased with the lettuce storage bag
Lettuce be happy!!
By Frank Holder on 30/12/2017
The bag seems to do what I had hoped it would and the lettuce has stayed pretty good.
lettuce storage bag ......great
By P. Fillmore on 30/12/2017
works very well...gave 2 to relatives each living on their own and they are thrilled at how much longer the lettuce will last.