Keep Fresh Banana Bag

Keep Fresh Banana Bag

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Keep bananas fresh for longer!

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Product Description
Stop wasting bananas! This innovative banana bag provides perfect insulation to keep bananas from over ripening, blackening and spoiling. Simply place bananas inside, pop in the fridge and they are guaranteed to stay deliciously fresh for up to 2 weeks!

Stay fresh for 2 weeks!
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Dimensions37cm H x 27cm W
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Great Banana Storer
By Simon Bannatyne on 23-11-17 on 25/11/2017
Yes this is worth having especially if you don't use the bananas quickly. Definitely keeps them longer and they don't turn brown.
banana storage bag
By Barbara Christensen on 23/11/2017
After reading other reviews, I think that maybe mine was faulty, because the bananas did not last longer than they normally do. But I have given it to a friend who may have better success with it than I did.
Lots of stars for this one!
By Hilary Trotter on 21/11/2017
We always use this for our bananas. It keeps them firm and fresh for a long time, and we think it is one of your best items.
Saves wastage no brown bananas
By Dot Mitchell on 16/11/2017
Keeps bananas nice and firm
Banana bag
By Janice Muir on 14/11/2017
Great item
Best way to store bananas
By Pam Jobling on 4/11/2017
Very good product. keeps bananas fresh for over 1 week. Nothing wasted.
By Anita Franklin on 16/09/2017
I do not have to throw any bananas away anymore as the bags are brilliant I am very very satisfied and the price was excellent