Keep Fresh Banana Bag

Keep Fresh Banana Bag

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Keep bananas fresh for longer!

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Product Description
Stop wasting bananas! This innovative banana bag provides perfect insulation to keep bananas from over ripening, blackening and spoiling. Simply place bananas inside, pop in the fridge and they are guaranteed to stay deliciously fresh for up to 2 weeks!

Stay fresh for 2 weeks!
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Dimensions37cm H x 27cm W
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Banana Bag
By Dianne McCarthy on 7/08/2017
The Banana Bag arrived very quickly. So far it has been very good but I need to test it in summer here in Brisbane to be able to test it in extreme conditions. Last summer our bananas were black within a couple of days so I really am looking forward to my Banana Bag keeping them for a while longer.
No more waste
By Ray on 6/08/2017
Fresh bananas after a week in the bag, like.
Banana Bag
By Irene on 6/08/2017
I am thrilled withthe Banana bag as it does extend the life of the banananas
By Maureen Buckingham on 3/08/2017
Works extremely well. No more wasted over ripe bananas! Skin goes black but banana stays firm inside
I'm a Banana Bagger 1
By Betty Nicol on 24/07/2017
The fact I already have a replacement bag in the cupboard for whenever the one currently in use runs out speaks volumes for my opinion of their effectiveness as a 'carer' of this fruit.The bag extends the life and slowly assists the ripening of the fruit.
Banana bags
By Sibyl Steinfeld on 19/07/2017
Very good buy. Certainly keeps Bnanas fresh for so much longer!!
cleaver idea
By louise lawrence on 19/07/2017
We found the bananas stayed firm even when the skins turned black. Still edible as well as firm. Great product.