Handheld Mini Stitcher

Handheld Mini Stitcher

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Repair garments in a jiffy!

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Product Description
Stop dragging out your cumbersome sewing machine! This portable, cordless hand-held sewing machine makes repairing garments an absolute breeze. Easy to use just like a stapler, every press lays a perfectly secure stitch, as you pull the fabric along at your own pace... And with no batteries needed, now you can repair garments fast or while you're on the go.

No Batteries Needed
Product Detail
Dimensions11cm L x 7cm H x 4cm W
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By Victor James on 18/09/2018
Quite handy to have for that small job.
Save you from getting the sewing machine.

Not Handy Stitcher!!
By Pauline on 25/08/2018
Definitely, not what I needed . Perhaps I received a "damaged one"? Didn't work well at all!!
Handheld Mini Stitcher
By Christine Finch on 23/08/2018
I found this handy for when I bought items that needed shortening before I wore them out because I no longer have a sewing machine. I gave the second one to a neighbour and she loves it.
I find the Handheld Mini Stitcher is a very useful tool for everyday use.
By Jill on 21/08/2018
The Handheld Mini Stitcher can be kept in my Handbag for all emergencies for myself and the Grandchildren's mishaps. I've used it on the curtains, when they are hanging and I don't have to take then down.
Handy sticher
By Jan Stennett on 12/08/2018
Still trying to master it. Handy little gadget
A great gift idea
By Barbara on 7/08/2018
I bought 3 to give to my 2 adult granddaughters and one for my daughter, none of who have sewing machines. Dana was very grateful for hers as she has 2 children and a husband to mend for. I have not given Sharon and Amy theirs yet. A great gift idea I thought.
Very convenient
By Monika on 4/08/2018
Ideal for small repairs - saves dragging out the heavy sewing machine - all good.