Easy Jar Opener

Easy Jar Opener

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Open stubborn jars in a jiffy with an easy jar opener!

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Product Description
Open stubborn jars in a jiffy with an easy jar opener! This user friendly jar lid opener pops the vacuum out of jars so the lid comes off with ease. The cleverly designed jar opener allows you to twist the lid off effortlessly once the vacuum has been popped.

The perfect helper for those with weak hands or arthritis.
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Dimensions14cm L x 5cm W
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By ANNE on 10/08/2017
I would rate this gadget as one of the handiest, simplest and cheapest in the kitchen. breaks the seal of jars in a jiffy thus making it so easy for those with weak wrists or arthritis
Jar opener
By By Betty on 10/08/2017 on 10/08/2017
Very useful for those with arthritic hands
Jar Opener
By Julie on 8/08/2017
Happy with this item, helps opening stubborn jars
Jar opener
By Merran on 7/08/2017
It does everything the catalogue claims it can do and it's very easy to use!
Wonder Jar Opener.
By Robert Smith on 3/08/2017
Great product, simple to use and very effective, couldn't be happier.
Fantastic cheap purchase
By C. Taylor on 1/08/2017
Fantastic - so easy to use, a great product - great price.
Easy Jar Opener
By Margaret Bryant -Qld on 1/08/2017
Good little gadget to have in my kitchen draw.
Works on most jars but not on those with deep lids.