Ceramic Knife 6 Inch With Cover

Ceramic Knife 6 Inch With Cover

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The knife guaranteed to never go blunt!

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Forget regular knives that go blunt, now you can effortlessly cut through bread, slice and dice veggies and more without ever having to sharpen! Made from ceramic, the second hardest material after diamond, these knives are guaranteed to maintain their razor sharp edge whilst staying rust free too!

Note: In NSW, it’s an offence to sell knives to persons under 16 and proof of age may be required.

This handy knife will stay sharp, never rust or stain!
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Dimensions15cm L 4cm W
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By Bryan on 29/12/2017
Greatt Knife
The cutting edge..
By Adelinde Mackay on 27/12/2017
Most happy with my knife, does as directed. Have a go & prove it
to yourself, mind your fingers it's very, very sharp. Grateful for the
protective sheath....
Great Knife
By Marlene Newman on 23/12/2017
The Knife is everything you said it was. Terrific
By Barrie on 15/12/2017
nice knife to use, doesn't like ripe tomatoes too much, care should be used on meat with a bone, mine chipped without me noticing until I'd finished the cut, then you have a small piece of ceramic in your roast.
Great ceramic knife
By Max Northeast on 14/12/2017
Wife loves the knife. Sharpest ever, comfortable to hold and use.
buy one you will love it
By Joyleen Robertson on 9/12/2017
i got one wish i had ordered 6 love it best knife ever
Ceramic Knife 6 Inch with cover
By heather mckeon on 8/12/2017
Well that is about all there is to say about the knife my husband loves it and will not use any other one we are very leased with it thank you