Easy Spread Butter Knife

Easy Spread Butter Knife

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EASILY spread butter even when it’s rock-hard!

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Product Description
You will easily spread rock-hard butter, with this ingenious Butter Knife. Designed with an in-built grater on the edge, it will collect smooth, ribbons of butter that’s EASY to spread. Also, features a cutting edge, to neatly slice toast or sandwiches too.

Mini scoops for grating and spreading
Serrations for cutting
Pick up your butter easily!

Say goodbye to hard clumps of butter that rips apart bread or crackers.
Product Detail
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimensions20cm L x 2.7cm W
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Great for the LH people
By Julie on 26/12/2017
Great for the left handed person in our family.
Butter Knife
By John Allan on 21/12/2017
Makes it easier to butter and it's wide blade in a lot quicker to
spread and I use it form jams, peanut butter etc.
Easy Spreading Butter Knife
By Elaine Miller on 1/12/2017
Spreads even the hardest butter easily on toast & bread. Great product, we love it!!
Easy peasy butter spreader
By Genene Eadie on 26/11/2017
A terrific spredder. Especially for avacado. Slices through bolck cheese easily with the serrated edge too.
Butter knife
By Cathy Kilpatrick on 17/11/2017
Absolutely fantastic ! So glad to have it in my kitchen. Thankyou
butter issue solved
By Marilyn Bernyk on 15/11/2017
We are really pleased with the butter knife.my other half always wanted marg as he couldn't cut the butter,problem solved he raved about the knife
Butter Knife
By Merran on 7/08/2017
I bought this knife for use in a school breakfast program that supplies cereal, fruit & toast to children who haven't had breakfast at home for whatever reason.