Shower Rug

Shower Rug

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This revolutionary mat will never stain, mould or mildew

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Product Description
This revolutionary mat is made from anti-microbial poly fibres, so it will NEVER stain, mould or mildew! Unlike regular mats, it cleverly allows water to flow right through, so it dries immediately, while the textured surface allows you to scrub your feet, without bending or straining.

So forget regular soggy and mildewed mats forever! It allows water to flow right through so it dries immediately. Comfortable under your feet, stylish for your bathroom and hygienically repels mould.

Dries instantly!
Water flows right through
Won’t stain or go mouldy

The textured surface allows you to scrub your feet without bending or straining.
Product Detail
MaterialAnti-Microbial Poly Fibres
Dimensions70cm L x 40cm W x 1cm Thick
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Shower Rug
By Edna Finlay on 13/09/2017
I am very happy with my shower mat and would recommend it to anyone.
Dry feet
By Valerie Ahern on 11/09/2017
Good for the larger tiles in bathroom. Great for bathroom kids are renting with plain cement floor
By Suedie on 9/09/2017
Great to stand on and prevent slipping, but suction caps damaged in packing and do not grip
Mat only for flat regular tile grouted shower bases.
By Anita on 7/09/2017
Arrived very crinkled with suction caps badly skewed so would not stick to shower floor surface. It is not suitable for shower tiled floors with radiating grout lines as suction cups cannot be matched to the tile floor smooth areas.
Shower rug
By Pauline on 7/09/2017
Very comfortable to stand on, also no worries about slipping in shower
Shower rug
By Maureen on 5/09/2017
Excellent safety for the elderly.
Shower Rug
By Pam on 3/09/2017
Good design and works really well. It is good for safety and is non slip.