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  • Pet Grooming Comb

    Pet Grooming Comb

    Precision Pet Grooming Tool trims, tapers and styles your pets hair just like a professional pet groomer. Simply adjust the cutting blade to the length you desire and comb. There's no cords so you can move around your pet freely and there's no noise to scare your much loved pet. Measures 20.5cm L x 4cm W. Made from plastic. 1 x spare blade included.
    Item No: Q536

    Regular Price: $9.90

    Now $7.90

    20% OFF

  • Window Mounted Cat Bed

    Window Mounted Cat Bed

    Keep kitty warm, comfy and happy!
    Item No: QP53

    Regular Price: $19.90

    Now $4.00

    80% OFF

  • Self-Heating Pet Bed

    Self-Heating Pet Bed

    6 Reviews
    Keep Your Pet Warm Self-Heating Pet Bed
    Item No: QP39
  • Gel Pet Mat

    Gel Pet Mat

    Keep Your Pet Cool & Comfortable ...All Through Summer
    Item No: QP54
  • Electrostatic Cat Bed

    Electrostatic Cat Bed

    5 Reviews
    Keep kitty warm and your furniture hair free!
    Item No: QP42
  • Non-Slip Dog Bowl Tray

    Non-Slip Dog Bowl Tray

    End Mess & Deter Ants From Your Dogs Bowl
    Item No: QP44