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  • Pet Grooming Comb

    Pet Grooming Comb

    Precision Pet Grooming Tool trims, tapers and styles your pets hair just like a professional pet groomer. Simply adjust the cutting blade to the length you desire and comb. There's no cords so you can move around your pet freely and there's no noise to scare your much loved pet. Measures 20.5cm L x 4cm W. Made from plastic. 1 x spare blade included.
    Item No: Q536
  • Window Mounted Cat Bed

    Window Mounted Cat Bed

    Keep kitty warm, comfy and happy!
    Item No: QP53

    Regular Price: $19.90

    Now $9.95

    50% OFF

  • Cat Grooming Arch

    Cat Grooming Arch

    4 Reviews
    Put a stop to shedding fur and prevent unsightly scratching all over your furniture!
    Item No: QP35
  • Electrostatic Cat Bed

    Electrostatic Cat Bed

    4 Reviews
    Keep kitty warm and your furniture hair free!
    Item No: QP42
  • No-Pull Training Leash

    No-Pull Training Leash

    Teach your dog to STOP pulling the leash!
    Item No: QP34
  • Pet Screen Door - Small

    Pet Screen Door - Small

    Easy to install pet screen door!
    Item No: QP36
  • Pet Sink Bath Mat

    Pet Sink Bath Mat

    Protect your sink from scratches and give your dog a sure footed bath.
    Item No: QP22

    Regular Price: $11.90

    Now $5.95

    50% OFF

  • Stretchy Racoon Dog Toy

    Stretchy Racoon Dog Toy

    Safe, mess-free fun for your dog!
    Item No: Q583
  • Flea Treatment Comb

    Flea Treatment Comb

    Quick, Safe & Chemical Free, won't let your pet suffer the misery of fleas! Sprays and powders are messy, ineffective and can even irritate your pet's skin. Flea Comb is the chemical-free alternative that directly detects and eliminates fleas on contact using a low electric charge to kill fleas without harming your pet. The tips of the comb's teethare coated with an insulating material to prevent electrical contact with skin. Also, effective at destroying ticks, essential for pets living in the bush. Takes 2 x AA batteries.
    Item No: Q426

    Regular Price: $29.90

    Now $19.90

    33% OFF

  • Pet Bowl

    Pet Bowl

    Never let your pet go hungry again!
    Item No: Q433
  • Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

    Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

    This device uses strobe lights and silent ultrasonic waves to effectively shoo dangerous dogs
    Item No: Q586
  • Kitty Litter Scoop

    Kitty Litter Scoop

    No one will ever guess it's hiding the unsightly kitty litter scoop
    Item No: Q589