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  • Ant Glue Traps Set of 3

    Ant Glue Traps Set of 3

    Get rid of pesky ants- No sprays or chemicals!
    Item No: QP52
  • Electronic Mosquito Repellent

    Electronic Mosquito Repellent

    29 Reviews
    Keep mosquitoes out of your way without dangerous chemicals!
    Item No: X095
  • Mosquito Repellent Band

    Mosquito Repellent Band

    35 Reviews
    Get the best defense against mosquitos with this bug repellent bracelet!
    Item No: J1039
  • Solar Animal Repeller

    Solar Animal Repeller

    42 Reviews
    Keep unwanted animals out of the yard
    Item No: QQ123
  • Owl Design Bird Scarer

    Owl Design Bird Scarer

    5 Reviews
    Scare Away Destructive Pests ...From Your Garden!
    Item No: QQ145
  • Spider Repellent

    Spider Repellent

    Just spray to keep the spiders away!
    Item No: QP49
  • Set of 4 Bird Scarer Rods

    Set of 4 Bird Scarer Rods

    15 Reviews
    Protect your garden without pesticides!
    Item No: QQ116
  • Owl Bird Scarer

    Owl Bird Scarer

    11 Reviews
    Protect your fruit and vegetables without pesticides
    Item No: Q363
  • Glass Bee Wasp Trap

    Glass Bee Wasp Trap

    5 Reviews
    Protect your family from dangerous wasps and bees with this attractive glass bee and wasp trap.
    Item No: QG96