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  • Hedge Shears

    Hedge Shears

    9 Reviews
    These lightweight shears make easy work of trimming shrubs, hedges and bushes
    Item No: QQ129
  • Garden Gloves With Claws

    Garden Gloves With Claws

    14 Reviews
    Gardening gloves... Dig, plant and rake!
    Item No: QQ170
  • Roll N Grow Cottage Flowers

    Roll N Grow Cottage Flowers

    Simply Roll & Water For A Beautiful Cottage Garden
    Item No: QQ159
  • Lawn Green

    Lawn Green

    Conceal Brown Patches ON YOUR LAWN
    Item No: QQ156
  • Pool Storage Pouch

    Pool Storage Pouch

    Keep Pool Toys Neatly Stored
    Item No: W356
  • Everlasting Broom

    Everlasting Broom

    This makes cleaning fast, easy and efficient
    Item No: QG46
  • Stone, Patio And Deck Cleaner

    Stone, Patio And Deck Cleaner

    Prevent nasty falls on slippery surfaces!
    Item No: QQ142
  • Table Top Planting Mat

    Table Top Planting Mat

    Re-Pot Plants Comfortably At A Table
    Item No: QQ172
  • Shears - Heavy Duty

    Shears - Heavy Duty

    When your own strength becomes less, tools have to become better! These powerful shears feature a revolutionary automatic ratchet action that naturally rotates with your cutting action... minimising pressure on your joints and adds power to your grip. With its large protection handle protecting fingers and ultra sharp, non stick carbon steel blades you'll effortlessly cut through anything as if it was butter. Measures 22cm long.
    Item No: Q384
  • Gumboots Poppy Red

    Gumboots Poppy Red

    Essential gear for every gardener
    Item No: DF230
  • Set of 6 Watering Spikes

    Set of 6 Watering Spikes

    27 Reviews
    Keep thirsty plants hydrated
    Item No: QQ124
  • Tool Organiser

    Tool Organiser

    4 Reviews
    Turn unused corners into storage space
    Item No: Q440