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  • Lawn Green

    Lawn Green

    Conceal Brown Patches ON YOUR LAWN
    Item No: QQ156
  • Pool Storage Pouch

    Pool Storage Pouch

    Keep Pool Toys Neatly Stored
    Item No: W356
  • Garden Gloves With Claws

    Garden Gloves With Claws

    6 Reviews
    Gardening gloves... Dig, plant and rake!
    Item No: QQ170
  • Long Handled Pruner

    Long Handled Pruner

    It truly makes any pruning or trimming job an absolute breeze.
    Item No: Q602
  • Hedge Shears

    Hedge Shears

    8 Reviews
    These lightweight shears make easy work of trimming shrubs, hedges and bushes
    Item No: QQ129
  • Screen Cleaner Brush

    Screen Cleaner Brush

    20 Reviews
    Clean fly screens without water and without mess!
    Item No: H934
  • Clip-On Solar Spotlights Set

    Clip-On Solar Spotlights Set

    36 Reviews
    Add safety and security to dark corners without wires or electricity
    Item No: L168
  • Garden Seat Kneeler With Organiser

    Garden Seat Kneeler With Organiser

    25 Reviews
    Save your back and knees when gardening!
    Item No: QQ144
  • Long Arm Gardening Gloves

    Long Arm Gardening Gloves

    33 Reviews
    Guard yourself from prickly thorns, nasty spider bites and more.
    Item No: QQ120
  • Multi Colour Accent Door Mat

    Multi Colour Accent Door Mat

    20 Reviews
    Machine washable mats will always look great!
    Item No: H1656
  • Flexi Head Sprinkler

    Flexi Head Sprinkler

    7 Reviews
    Only water where you need to!
    Item No: QQ126
  • Shears - Heavy Duty

    Shears - Heavy Duty

    When your own strength becomes less, tools have to become better! These powerful shears feature a revolutionary automatic ratchet action that naturally rotates with your cutting action... minimising pressure on your joints and adds power to your grip. With its large protection handle protecting fingers and ultra sharp, non stick carbon steel blades you'll effortlessly cut through anything as if it was butter. Measures 22cm long.
    Item No: Q384