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  • Mosquito Repellent Band

    Mosquito Repellent Band

    33 Reviews
    Get the best defense against mosquitos with this bug repellent bracelet!
    Product Code: J1039
  • Food Umbrella

    Food Umbrella

    Protect an entire table of food from pesky bugs!
    Product Code: K1215
  • Tomato Cutter With Knife

    Tomato Cutter With Knife

    41 Reviews
    Cut uniform slices with absolute ease!
    Product Code: K1696
  • Oven Cleaner Wipes

    Oven Cleaner Wipes

    8 Reviews
    Make that awful chore of cleaning your oven a piece of cake!
    Product Code: K1212
  • Rectangle Wipe Clean Tablecloth

    Rectangle Wipe Clean Tablecloth

    8 Reviews
    Never worry about spills again!
    Product Code: K1678
  • Round Wipe Clean Tablecloth

    Round Wipe Clean Tablecloth

    6 Reviews
    Never worry about spills again!
    Product Code: K1677
  • Make Your Own Taco Bowl

    Make Your Own Taco Bowl

    The perfect touch for any party, BBQ or get together!
    Product Code: K1523
  • BBQ Grill Sheet - Rectangle

    BBQ Grill Sheet - Rectangle

    Enjoy the fun of cooking outdoors without the task of cleaning the grill. Just place this stainless steel cooking sheet over your regular grill rack and light the fire. Foods cook evenly and the smoky taste comes through, whilst meat and vegetables stay on top. Dishwasher safe for easycleaning. Square topper is 28cm x 30.5cm. Rectangle topper is 43cm x 30.5cm.
    Product Code: K711
  • Silver Plated Napkin Holder

    Silver Plated Napkin Holder

    Add style to your dining table with this delightful silver plated napkin holder
    Product Code: N576
  • BBQ Mat

    BBQ Mat

    Protect desks and patios from messy BBQ grease, food and oil spills!
    Product Code: Q603
  • Floral Easy Tablecloth – Round

    Floral Easy Tablecloth – Round

    protect your dining table without having to compromise on style.
    Product Code: K1582
  • Floral Easy Tablecloth – Rectangle

    Floral Easy Tablecloth – Rectangle

    Now you can protect your dining table without having to compromise on style
    Product Code: K1564