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  • Tomato Cutter With Knife

    Tomato Cutter With Knife

    69 Reviews
    Cut uniform slices with absolute ease!
    Item No: K1696
  • Food Umbrella

    Food Umbrella

    Protect an entire table of food from pesky bugs!
    Item No: K1215
  • Mosquito Repellent Band

    Mosquito Repellent Band

    36 Reviews
    Get the best defense against mosquitos with this bug repellent bracelet!
    Item No: J1039
  • Oven Cleaner Wipes

    Oven Cleaner Wipes

    16 Reviews
    Make that awful chore of cleaning your oven a piece of cake!
    Item No: K1212

    Regular Price: $16.90

    Now $12.90

    24% OFF

  • Round Wipe Clean Tablecloth

    Round Wipe Clean Tablecloth

    8 Reviews
    Never worry about spills again!
    Item No: K1677
  • Fire Blanket

    Fire Blanket

    Control a fire quickly and protect your home and loved ones.
    Item No: H1620
  • Thong Coasters

    Thong Coasters

    Protect your tabletops with this set of coasters
    Item No: K1484
  • Clip On Umbrella

    Clip On Umbrella

    Get shelter from the hot sun wherever you need it with this clip umbrella!
    Item No: B361
  • Rectangle Wipe Clean Tablecloth

    Rectangle Wipe Clean Tablecloth

    8 Reviews
    Never worry about spills again!
    Item No: K1678
  • Silicone Egg Rings - Set of 4

    Silicone Egg Rings - Set of 4

    9 Reviews
    No more sprawling whites - create prefect round eggs every time!
    Item No: K1233
  • Table Cloth Clips - Set of 4 Hibiscus

    Table Cloth Clips - Set of 4 Hibiscus

    Simply slide these attractive clips onto each corner of your table and you'll keep your tablecloth firmly and neatly in place. So now you can enjoy eating outdoors without the worry of your tablecloth blowing away! Featuring beautiful bright blooming coloured hibiscus's they'll instantly add a warm festive feel to your table. Ideal for parties, BBQ's, picnics and more. Made from plastic and polyester. Each clip measures 4cm H x 5.4cm W. Each flower 7.5cm D.
    Item No: N575
  • Silver Plated Napkin Holder

    Silver Plated Napkin Holder

    Add style to your dining table with this delightful silver plated napkin holder
    Item No: N576