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  • Jif Cream Lemon

    Jif Cream Lemon

    Keep your home pristine clean without strenuous scrubbing!
    Buy 1 for $4.50.
    * Buy 3 for $9.90.

    Only $ 330 Each *

  • Jif Cream

    Jif Cream

    Clean tough stains without harsh scratching!
    Buy 1 for $4.50.
    * Buy 3 for $9.90.

    Only $ 330 Each *

  • Easy Off Bam Grime & Soap scum power cleaner

    Easy Off Bam Grime & Soap scum power cleaner

    Remove soap scum, lime scale rust & dirt effortlessly! Easy Off BAM Grime & Soap Scum Power Cleaner penetrates and breaks down grease, grime and soap scum leave a clean surface. No more tedious scrubbing on your hands and knees, simply spray and wipe away stubborn mess. Ideal for surfaces such as ceramic, glass and chrome, tough and light soap scum, limescale build-ups, rust and dirt. Use in sinks, showers, tiled walls, ceramic floors and more! Destroy soap scum in one effortless sweep!
    Buy 1 for $6.90.
    * Buy 2 for $10.50.

    Only $ 525 Each *

  • Eaziwipes Bathroom wipes

    Eaziwipes Bathroom wipes

    EaziWipes Bathroom Wipes are the quick and easy way to clean, polish and protect your bathroom and wetroom. Specially designed to kill the germs that cause disease, EaziWipes Bathroom Wipes keep your bathroom and wetroom clean, and protected. Great for use on showers, toilet bowls and cisterns, bidets, shower trays etc. Active protection against germs for up to 12 hours!
    Buy 1 for $5.90.
    * Buy 2 for $7.90.

    Only $ 395 Each *

  • Exit Mould Spray

    Exit Mould Spray

    Kill mould in just 2 minutes! Exit Mould penetrates porous surfaces to attack mould at the source. The special detergent additive helps to leave grout spotless and tiles sparkling clean. Now, with the easy to use trigger spray bottle you can clean and protect your bathroom from mould and mildew with ease! Remove mould stains and kills the germs you can't see!
    Buy 1 for $8.90.
    * Buy 2 for $14.90.

    Only $ 745 Each *