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  • Stainlesssteel Teapot Infuser

    Stainlesssteel Teapot Infuser

    Charming Stainless Steel Teapot Tea Infuser!
    Item No: K1827
  • Spiral Slicer

    Spiral Slicer

    4 Reviews
    Turn Veggies Into Healthy Spaghetti
    Item No: K1790
  • Everlasting Sponge

    Everlasting Sponge

    The LAST Sponge You’ll EVER Buy
    Item No: HC95
  • Easy Slicer

    Easy Slicer

    Cut Quarters Safely & Precisely
    Item No: K1811

    Regular Price: $16.90

    Now $12.90

    24% OFF

  • Microwave Cooker Set

    Microwave Cooker Set

    Perfectly Cooked Rice & Grains... IN JUST MINUTES without mess or fuss
    Item No: K1828
  • Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

    Coffee Pod Storage Drawer

    Keep coffee pods neatly stored & organised
    Item No: K1569
  • Oven Roasting Bags

    Oven Roasting Bags

    Oven Roasting Bags
    Item No: K1754
  • Clever Slicer

    Clever Slicer

    Clever Slicer features an in-built cutting board that acts as sturdy base to chop vegetables, meat, cheese and fruits, while the premium Stainless-Steel blade effortlessly slices through. It’s the ideal tool that makes quick work of preparing soups, salads and snacks, as you slice and cut right over the pot, pan or bowl, with no mess! Measures: 24.5cm L x 7cm W.
    Item No: K1776
  • Watermelon Knife

    Watermelon Knife

    Slice An ENTIRE Watermelon With Ease
    Item No: K1795
  • Silicone Sofa Drink Holder

    Silicone Sofa Drink Holder

    Easily Reach Your Drink & SAY GOODBYE TO SPILLS
    Item No: H1703

    Regular Price: $24.90

    Now $12.45

    50% OFF

  • Measuring Cups With Lids

    Measuring Cups With Lids

    ACCURATELY MEASURE & Store Leftovers
    Item No: K1758
  • Single Hand Salad Server

    Single Hand Salad Server

    Snap up a full serving of salad …with a single hand!
    Item No: K1789