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  • Mesh Fruit Bowl

    Mesh Fruit Bowl

    Shield fruit from annoying fruit flies!
    Item No: K1750
  • Multi Size Jar Opener

    Multi Size Jar Opener

    80 Reviews
    Open any size lid with ease!
    Item No: K1612
  • Tomato Cutter With Knife

    Tomato Cutter With Knife

    60 Reviews
    Cut uniform slices with absolute ease!
    Item No: K1696
  • Easy Jar Opener

    Easy Jar Opener

    109 Reviews
    Open stubborn jars in a jiffy with an easy jar opener!
    Item No: K1598
  • Potato & Onion Storage Bag Set

    Potato & Onion Storage Bag Set

    Prevent spoliage and end wastage!
    Item No: K1705
  • Mini Cheese Grater

    Mini Cheese Grater

    5 Reviews
    No more grated fingers!
    Item No: K1744
  • Ceramic Knife 4 Inch With Cover

    Ceramic Knife 4 Inch With Cover

    42 Reviews
    The knife guaranteed to never go blunt!
    Item No: K1637
  • Food Umbrella

    Food Umbrella

    Protect an entire table of food from pesky bugs!
    Item No: K1215
  • Doll Bag Dispenser

    Doll Bag Dispenser

    39 Reviews
    Keep grocery bags neat and handy!
    Item No: K1718
  • Microwave Food Covers

    Microwave Food Covers

    It's never been easier to keep your microwave clean! Set features 5 usefulsizes ready to cover various containers, dishes, bowls and plates. So now you can re heat food while retaining moisture and its full flavour too. Set includes 11.5cm D, 14.5cm D, 17cm D, 20cm D, 22cm D. Dishwasher safe.
    Item No: K1133
  • Easy Spread Butter Knife

    Easy Spread Butter Knife

    21 Reviews
    EASILY spread butter even when it’s rock-hard!
    Item No: K1703

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    22% OFF

  • Cheese Slicer

    Cheese Slicer

    41 Reviews
    Perfect cheese slices and no sharp knife needed!
    Item No: K1726