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  • Ladybird Kitchen Timer

    Ladybird Kitchen Timer

    What a wonderful way to track the minutes!
    Item No: K1767
  • Set of 2 Toaster Bags

    Set of 2 Toaster Bags

    38 Reviews
    Turn your toaster into a sandwich press!
    Item No: K1530
  • Microwave Potato Bag

    Microwave Potato Bag

    52 Reviews
    Get oven baked potatoes in just 4 minutes and forget waiting for the oven to heat.
    Item No: K1623
  • Titanium And Ceramic Non-Stick Pan

    Titanium And Ceramic Non-Stick Pan

    63 Reviews
    Non-Stick ceramic and titanium pan cook without oil or butter!
    Item No: K1738
  • Egg Spatula

    Egg Spatula

    21 Reviews
    You’ll get a much better grip on food, with this unique spatula
    Item No: K1671

    Regular Price: $6.90

    Now $4.90

    28% OFF

  • Oven Crisping Mesh

    Oven Crisping Mesh

    16 Reviews
    Now you can get that all round crispness every time!
    Item No: K1657
  • Microwave Strainer Bowl

    Microwave Strainer Bowl

    Safely cook and strain!
    Item No: K1771
  • Microwave Oven Chip Cooker

    Microwave Oven Chip Cooker

    19 Reviews
    Unlike regular microwave plates, it’ll sear, brown and fry too!
    Item No: K1684
  • 2-in-1 Soup Mug

    2-in-1 Soup Mug

    18 Reviews
    The ideal way to serve soup and toast!
    Item No: K1702
  • Microwave Omelette Cooker with Bonus Egg Poacher

    Microwave Omelette Cooker with Bonus Egg Poacher

    8 Reviews
    A perfect omelette! No pan, oil or flipping!
    Item No: K1746
  • Kitchen Breading Trays

    Kitchen Breading Trays

    11 Reviews
    These clip together trays make breading meat, poultry, fish or veggies as easy as 1-2-3!
    Item No: K645
  • Simmer Mat

    Simmer Mat

    12 Reviews
    No more burnt food!
    Item No: K1715