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  • Rotomac Chopper

    Rotomac Chopper

    Chop from course to fine, in just seconds!
    Product Code: K1774
  • Easy Reading Measuring Cup

    Easy Reading Measuring Cup

    A perfect measure every time!
    Product Code: K1773
  • Silicone Cooking Gloves

    Silicone Cooking Gloves

    End nasty burns while cooking!
    Product Code: K1772
  • Microwave Food Covers

    Microwave Food Covers

    It's never been easier to keep your microwave clean! Set features 5 usefulsizes ready to cover various containers, dishes, bowls and plates. So now you can re heat food while retaining moisture and its full flavour too. Set includes 11.5cm D, 14.5cm D, 17cm D, 20cm D, 22cm D. Dishwasher safe.
    Product Code: K1133
  • Sink Caddy

    Sink Caddy

    6 Reviews
    This smart organiser is designed to store all your washing up needs!
    Product Code: K1469
  • Set of 2 Toaster Bags

    Set of 2 Toaster Bags

    31 Reviews
    Turn your toaster into a sandwich press!
    Product Code: K1530
  • Avocado Keeper

    Avocado Keeper

    28 Reviews
    Keep halved avocadoes from going to waste with the Avocado Keeper.
    Product Code: K1597
  • Easy Jar Opener

    Easy Jar Opener

    69 Reviews
    Open stubborn jars in a jiffy with an easy jar opener!
    Product Code: K1598
  • Bubble Glass Bowl

    Bubble Glass Bowl

    24 Reviews
    Cook, serve and store in style!
    Product Code: K1610
  • Multi Size Jar Opener

    Multi Size Jar Opener

    61 Reviews
    Open any size lid with ease!
    Product Code: K1612
  • 3 Stage Knife Sharpener

    3 Stage Knife Sharpener

    11 Reviews
    Restore blunt blades using this 3 stage knife sharpener with suction pad!
    Product Code: K1625
  • Ceramic Knife 4 Inch With Cover

    Ceramic Knife 4 Inch With Cover

    25 Reviews
    The knife guaranteed to never go blunt!
    Product Code: K1637