Set Descending Direction
  • Washing Bag Set of 3

    Washing Bag Set of 3

    Protect Bras & Delicates
    Item No: HL16
  • Moth balls

    Moth balls

    34 Reviews
    Repel moths forever naturally!
    Item No: H1311
  • Striped Ironing Board Cover

    Striped Ironing Board Cover

    27 Reviews
    Say goodbye to annoying grid marks and an ironing board cover that never fits!
    Item No: HL01
  • Lint / Hair Remover

    Lint / Hair Remover

    11 Reviews
    Re-Usable Lint Remover WITH SELF-CLEANING BASE
    Item No: HL26
  • Dirt Trapper Welcome Mat

    Dirt Trapper Welcome Mat

    4 Reviews
    This great doormat prevents dirt from being traipsed all through your house!
    Item No: H1518
  • Ironing Board Cover

    Ironing Board Cover

    13 Reviews
    Cut your ironing time in half!
    Item No: H1663
  • Portable Multi-Hanger

    Portable Multi-Hanger

    10 Reviews
    Air-dry clothes no matter what the weather!
    Item No: H1624
  • Twist Mop

    Twist Mop

    5 Reviews
    The unique twist mop is both a mop and scrubber all in one!
    Item No: HC18


    Laundry Rack
    Item No: H1382
  • 3 Layer Moving Shelf

    3 Layer Moving Shelf

    You can store all your washing essentials in just a few centimetres of space!
    Item No: H1462
  • Extendable Drying Rack

    Extendable Drying Rack

    AIR-DRY BULKY BEDDING & Save $$$ On Electricity
    Item No: HL24