Set Descending Direction
  • Telescopic Handle Bathroom Cleaner

    Telescopic Handle Bathroom Cleaner

    24 Reviews
    Clean those hard to reach places without bending or stretching!
    Item No: H768
  • Set of 12 Magic Drain Sticks

    Set of 12 Magic Drain Sticks

    5 Reviews
    Keep drains clear... For a whole year!
    Item No: HB75
  • Magic Clean Eraser

    Magic Clean Eraser

    19 Reviews
    This amazing sponge works like an eraser to remove stubborn stains
    Item No: HC45
  • Silicone Polishing Cloth

    Silicone Polishing Cloth

    29 Reviews
    Forget messy polishes and toxic sprays!
    Item No: HC51
  • 2-In-1 Sweep And Dust

    2-In-1 Sweep And Dust

    8 Reviews
    Forget weak sweepers and hard to manoeuvre vacuum cleaners!
    Item No: HC56
  • Multi Purpose Rubber Broom

    Multi Purpose Rubber Broom

    3 in 1 Broom
    Item No: HC69
  • Baking Soda Wipes

    Baking Soda Wipes

    7 Reviews
    The power of baking soda
    Item No: HC84
  • Depiller


    12 Reviews
    This makes clothes look like new!
    Item No: H1072
  • One Drop Deodoriser

    One Drop Deodoriser

    46 Reviews
    The revolutionary one drop deodoriser kills 98% of bad smells before they escape into the air.
    Item No: H1278
  • 2000 Flush Toilet Cleaner

    2000 Flush Toilet Cleaner

    44 Reviews
    Forget the horrible task of toilet cleaning!
    Item No: H1379
  • Track Cleaning Brush

    Track Cleaning Brush

    40 Reviews
    It will sweep away dirt, grease and grime!
    Item No: H1393
  • Sonic Denture Cleaner

    Sonic Denture Cleaner

    15 Reviews
    This sonic denture cleaner will cleanse your dentures in just 15 minutes.
    Item No: J1078