Set Descending Direction
  • Padded Toilet Seat

    Padded Toilet Seat

    3 Reviews
    Luxuriously soft and warm toilet seat cushioned for comfort!
    Item No: H1050
  • Depiller


    This makes clothes look like new!
    Item No: H1072
  • One Drop Deodoriser

    One Drop Deodoriser

    28 Reviews
    The revolutionary one drop deodoriser kills 98% of bad smells before they escape into the air.
    Item No: H1278
  • Interior Dehumidifier

    Interior Dehumidifier

    Keep your wardrobe fresh and dry
    Item No: H1683
  • Toilet Deodoriser

    Toilet Deodoriser

    13 Reviews
    It's the no scrub, no fuss toilet cleaner.
    Item No: HB16
  • Set of 3 Pebble Design Bath Mat Set

    Set of 3 Pebble Design Bath Mat Set

    They’ll absorb dripping water every time you step out of the bath or shower
    Item No: HB59
  • Set of 2 Suctioned Toothbrush Holders

    Set of 2 Suctioned Toothbrush Holders

    End cabinet clutter!
    Item No: HB62
  • Silicone Polishing Cloth

    Silicone Polishing Cloth

    21 Reviews
    Forget messy polishes and toxic sprays!
    Item No: HC51
  • Non Slip Massaging Bath Mat

    Non Slip Massaging Bath Mat

    21 Reviews
    It's the ultimate bathroom accessory
    Item No: H1472
  • Shower Rug

    Shower Rug

    40 Reviews
    This revolutionary mat will never stain, mould or mildew
    Item No: HB34
  • Toilet Foot Rest

    Toilet Foot Rest

    17 Reviews
    End strain and stay healthy with this toilet foot stool!
    Item No: J1235
  • Microfibre Chenille Bath Mat

    Microfibre Chenille Bath Mat

    11 Reviews
    Forget regular bath mats that take forever to dry!
    Item No: H1386