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  • Shower Mat

    Shower Mat

    The Only Shower Mat That Repels Mould & Mildew!
    Item No: HB70
  • Depiller


    16 Reviews
    This makes clothes look like new!
    Item No: H1072
  • No Spill Strip Stove Guard

    No Spill Strip Stove Guard

    4 Reviews
    This keeps food spills out of that narrow, hard-to-clean space.
    Item No: H116
  • Jumbo Lint Shaver

    Jumbo Lint Shaver

    21 Reviews
    Renew Clothes & Upholstery Instantly!
    Item No: H1204
  • Non Slip Massaging Bath Mat

    Non Slip Massaging Bath Mat

    38 Reviews
    It's the ultimate bathroom accessory
    Item No: H1472
  • Toilet Deodoriser

    Toilet Deodoriser

    20 Reviews
    It's the no scrub, no fuss toilet cleaner.
    Item No: HB16

    Regular Price: $12.90

    Now $10.90

    16% OFF

  • Shower Rug

    Shower Rug

    105 Reviews
    This revolutionary mat that resist stains, mould or mildew!
    Item No: HB34
  • Corner Snap Shelf

    Corner Snap Shelf

    12 Reviews
    Item No: W372
  • Super Absorbant Mat

    Super Absorbant Mat

    11 Reviews
    Keep Floors CLEAN & DRY
    Item No: H1699
  • Drain Guard Set of 2

    Drain Guard Set of 2

    Clear Drain Clogs Without Mess!
    Item No: T380
  • Easy Feet Scrubber

    Easy Feet Scrubber

    6 Reviews
    It leaves tired feet smooth, clean and rejuvenated!
    Item No: HB10
  • Blue Rose Bath Mat - Set of 3

    Blue Rose Bath Mat - Set of 3

    These floral bath mats will keep your feet warm and floors dry
    Item No: HB44

    Regular Price: $29.90

    Now $14.95

    50% OFF