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  • Reversible Sherpa Blanket

    Reversible Sherpa Blanket

    17 Reviews
    The Most Luxuriously Soft & Warm Blanket EVER!
    Item No: H1542
  • Electrostatic Sweeper

    Electrostatic Sweeper

    17 Reviews
    Electrostatic Broom attracts dust and pet hair!
    Item No: H1672
  • Screen Cleaner Brush

    Screen Cleaner Brush

    31 Reviews
    Clean fly screens without water and without mess!
    Item No: H934
  • Ant Glue Traps Set of 3

    Ant Glue Traps Set of 3

    9 Reviews
    Get rid of pesky ants- No sprays or chemicals!
    Item No: QP52
  • Magnamail - Easy Read Calendar Clock

    Easy Read Calendar Clock

    49 Reviews
    You’ll never squint to tell the time again!
    Item No: VC14
  • Shower Rug

    Shower Rug

    105 Reviews
    This revolutionary mat that resist stains, mould or mildew!
    Item No: HB34
  • Chair Quilted Cover

    Chair Quilted Cover

    36 Reviews
    Protect your sofa from stains and accidental spills!
    Item No: H1569
  • Drop-Leaf Table

    Drop-Leaf Table

    12 Reviews
    This handy drop-leaf table helps make the most out of your available space
    Item No: F129
  • Cooling Gel Cushion

    Cooling Gel Cushion

    Made from Gel, this cushion distributes weight evenly as it conforms to your shape, absorbing painful pressure, while the unique honeycomb design cleverly allows air to circulate. So now you can sit comfortably for hourson ANY chair... And unlike regular cushions, it’ll always bounce back to its original shape. 38cm W x 37cm L x 2cm Thick.
    Item No: H1705
  • Telescopic Handle Bathroom Cleaner

    Telescopic Handle Bathroom Cleaner

    31 Reviews
    Clean those hard to reach places without bending or stretching!
    Item No: H768
  • Baby Buddha

    Baby Buddha

    9 Reviews
    Bring tranquility into your home!
    Item No: N671
  • Arm Chair Covers - Recliner Style

    Arm Chair Covers - Recliner Style

    3 Reviews
    It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer
    Item No: H849