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  • Comfort Pillow

    Comfort Pillow

    17 Reviews
    Sit in comfort for long periods
    Item No: H1223
  • 2000 Flush Toilet Cleaner

    2000 Flush Toilet Cleaner

    47 Reviews
    Forget the horrible task of toilet cleaning!
    Item No: H1379
  • Non Slip Massaging Bath Mat

    Non Slip Massaging Bath Mat

    34 Reviews
    It's the ultimate bathroom accessory
    Item No: H1472
  • Telescopic Handle Bathroom Cleaner

    Telescopic Handle Bathroom Cleaner

    24 Reviews
    Clean those hard to reach places without bending or stretching!
    Item No: H768
  • Toilet Deodoriser

    Toilet Deodoriser

    14 Reviews
    It's the no scrub, no fuss toilet cleaner.
    Item No: HB16
  • Shower Rug

    Shower Rug

    92 Reviews
    This revolutionary mat that resist stains, mould or mildew!
    Item No: HB34
  • Dolphin Bath Mat

    Dolphin Bath Mat

    15 Reviews
    Give your bathroom a fresh new look!
    Item No: HB76
  • Ceiling Fan Static Duster

    Ceiling Fan Static Duster

    41 Reviews
    This electrostatic duster reaches those up high places that other dusters just cannot reach!
    Item No: HC22
  • Microfibre Window Cleaner

    Microfibre Window Cleaner

    11 Reviews
    Effortlessly clean glass
    Item No: HC62
  • Carpet Wizard

    Carpet Wizard

    Item No: HC71
  • Lumbar Support Cushion

    Lumbar Support Cushion

    37 Reviews
    Keep your spine properly aligned and ease your sore back
    Item No: J1028
  • Electronic Talking Scales

    Electronic Talking Scales

    26 Reviews
    Weigh yourself without assistance!
    Item No: J1048