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  • Bamboo/Copper-Infused Knee Support - Ladies Set/2

    Bamboo/Copper-Infused Knee Support - Ladies Set/2

    Item No: J1107
  • Ladies Cooling Compression Knee Supports

    Ladies Cooling Compression Knee Supports

    Help Relieve Sore Knees
    Item No: J1338
  • Silicone Bunion Splints

    Silicone Bunion Splints

    Help Ease Foot Pain
    Item No: J1319
  • Copper Magnetic Bracelet

    Copper Magnetic Bracelet

    Stylish Bracelet... Has a Hidden Secret
    Item No: J1298
  • Bamboo & Copper Infused Gloves - Ladies

    Bamboo & Copper Infused Gloves - Ladies

    4 Reviews
    The Copper and Bamboo fibres woven into the fabric help provide relief for sore, stiff and painful hands. Heat-conductive Copper provides soothing warmth to joints, to improve mobility while Bamboo fibres help fight bacteria, odour and perspiration. Ideal for people with Arthritis or limited hand mobility, plus fingerless design allows you to get on with your day. Machine washable.
    Item No: J1194
  • Gel Lined Arch Sleeves

    Gel Lined Arch Sleeves

    4 Reviews
    Help reduce foot strain!
    Item No: J1297
  • Gel Toe and Protector

    Gel Toe and Protector

    This soothing gel pad gently stretches your toes to reduce overall pressure. It not only helps with circulation but bone realignment! The product is designed with your complete comfort in mind. Foot pain will be a thing of the past with this soothing bunion protector! It's specially designed to be worn all day under socks shoes, stockings or just bare feet. Ease your foot pain and bunion pain and claim your life back Materials: 80% nylon and 20% spandex. Fits men and Ladies.
    Item No: J965
  • Bunion Pads

    Bunion Pads

    4 Reviews
    It will shield, protect and re-position your big toe in proper alignment, to help ease bunion pain
    Item No: J941
  • Magnetic Neck Wrap

    Magnetic Neck Wrap

    6 Reviews
    Our fantastic neck wrap fits snugly around your neck, aids heat retention and helps reduce stiffness.
    Item No: J567
  • Adjustable Knee Support

    Adjustable Knee Support

    10 Reviews
    Do You Have A Troubled Knee?
    Item No: J713
  • Men's Posture Corrector

    Men's Posture Corrector

    4 Reviews
    Improve your posture & help ease back pain!
    Item No: J1172
  • Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion

    Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion

    Enjoy ultimate comfort as you drive!
    Item No: J1213