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  • Mobility Walker Gilders

    Mobility Walker Gilders

    Convert your regular walker into an indoor or outdoor glider instantly
    Item No: J731
  • Stair Climbing Shopping Cart

    Stair Climbing Shopping Cart

    It has a design that allows it to go up or down stairs, kerbs or gutters!
    Item No: H1156
  • Adjustable Table

    Adjustable Table

    3 Reviews
    Here's the most versatile piece of furniture you'll ever own
    Item No: H1026
  • Comfort Wipe

    Comfort Wipe

    The self wipe bathroom aid is a handy helper for those with poor mobility or dexterity.
    Item No: J801
  • Bamboo & Copper Infused Gloves - Ladies

    Bamboo & Copper Infused Gloves - Ladies

    Item No: J1194
  • Bamboo & Copper Infused Gloves - Mens

    Bamboo & Copper Infused Gloves - Mens

    Item No: J1193
  • Arm Warmers

    Arm Warmers

    HELP RELIEVE Cold, Painful Joints
    Item No: DC777
  • Foldable Floral Cane

    Foldable Floral Cane

    6 Reviews
    Put a confident spring in your step with the help of this cheery floral design cane!
    Item No: J1166
  • Handrail Safety Stool

    Handrail Safety Stool

    9 Reviews
    Reach high cupboards safely with confidence!
    Item No: J1091
  • Stable Cane

    Stable Cane

    This clever 4 prong walking stick stays upright so you’ll never drop it!
    Item No: J1089
  • Needle Threader

    Needle Threader

    4 Reviews
    Effortlessly thread any needle!
    Item No: Y064
  • Ez Key Turner

    Ez Key Turner

    The cleverly designed tightening lever securely holds the key in a locked position
    Item No: T335