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  • Back Scratcher - Extendable

    Back Scratcher - Extendable

    Reach that annoying itch with this handy back scratcher
    Item No: N573
  • Mobility Walker Gilders

    Mobility Walker Gilders

    Convert your regular walker into an indoor or outdoor glider instantly
    Item No: J731
  • Stair Climbing Shopping Cart

    Stair Climbing Shopping Cart

    It has a design that allows it to go up or down stairs, kerbs or gutters!
    Item No: H1156
  • Comfort Wipe

    Comfort Wipe

    The self wipe bathroom aid is a handy helper for those with poor mobility or dexterity.
    Item No: J801
  • Foldable Floral Cane

    Foldable Floral Cane

    6 Reviews
    Put a confident spring in your step with the help of this cheery floral design cane!
    Item No: J1166
  • Handrail Safety Stool

    Handrail Safety Stool

    9 Reviews
    Reach high cupboards safely with confidence!
    Item No: J1091
  • Stable Cane

    Stable Cane

    This clever 4 prong walking stick stays upright so you’ll never drop it!
    Item No: J1089
  • Needle Threader

    Needle Threader

    4 Reviews
    Effortlessly thread any needle!
    Item No: Y064
  • Inspection Mirror

    Inspection Mirror

    This is a two-sided shatter-proof mirror with 2 x magnification
    Item No: U123
  • Ez Key Turner

    Ez Key Turner

    The cleverly designed tightening lever securely holds the key in a locked position
    Item No: T335
  • Jar Opener - Manual

    Jar Opener - Manual

    Now it's simple to remove even the most stubborn of lids from any jar or bottle
    Item No: K536
  • Wrist Strap

    Wrist Strap

    You'll never need to stoop, bend or strain to retrieve your fallen cane with this handy set. The easy to attach strap ensures your walking stick will never drop from your hand while the holder firmly secures it to any table edge to keep it right by your side. Simply clamp the spring loaded gadget onto your cane and have piece of mind knowing that your walking stick is by your side at all times, no matter what you are doing.
    Item No: J775