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  • Gel Lined Arch Sleeves

    Gel Lined Arch Sleeves

    3 Reviews
    Help reduce foot strain!
    Item No: J1297
  • Reading Tray

    Reading Tray

    Read comfortably hands free!
    Item No: H1692
  • Toenail Clippers

    Toenail Clippers

    26 Reviews
    It snips the toughest nails cleanly!
    Item No: J194
  • Magnifying Eyewear

    Magnifying Eyewear

    10 Reviews
    See things big and clear, 160% magnification!
    Item No: U170
  • Electronic Talking Scales

    Electronic Talking Scales

    26 Reviews
    Weigh yourself without assistance!
    Item No: J1048
  • Cyber Ear

    Cyber Ear

    4 Reviews
    Never miss a word in conversation again!
    Item No: J1051
  • Extra Wide Toilet Seat

    Extra Wide Toilet Seat

    Designed with an oversized width that give more surface area than regular toilet seats
    Item No: J1049
  • Back Scratcher - Extendable

    Back Scratcher - Extendable

    Reach that annoying itch with this handy back scratcher
    Item No: N573
  • Wide Rear View Mirror

    Wide Rear View Mirror

    43 Reviews
    Avoid accidents and near misses while changing lanes or reversing!
    Item No: M156
  • Toenail Clippers - Jumbo Design

    Toenail Clippers - Jumbo Design

    They allow you to use the strength and grip of your entire hand
    Item No: J762
  • Ceiling Fan Static Duster

    Ceiling Fan Static Duster

    41 Reviews
    This electrostatic duster reaches those up high places that other dusters just cannot reach!
    Item No: HC22
  • Telescopic Handle Bathroom Cleaner

    Telescopic Handle Bathroom Cleaner

    24 Reviews
    Clean those hard to reach places without bending or stretching!
    Item No: H768