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  • Magnetic Health Insoles

    Magnetic Health Insoles

    14 Reviews
    Soothe and relax your body tension with every step!
    Item No: J1170
  • Men's Posture Corrector

    Men's Posture Corrector

    Improve your posture & help ease back pain!
    Item No: J1172
  • Magnetic Copper Bracelet

    Magnetic Copper Bracelet

    6 Reviews
    An elegant accessory!
    Item No: J1191
  • Magnetic Knee Support Strap

    Magnetic Knee Support Strap

    24 Reviews
    Help your aching knee joints
    Item No: J504
  • Magnet Watch

    Magnet Watch

    This watch could ease your wrist pain!
    Item No: R559
  • Genuine Ruby Ring

    Genuine Ruby Ring

    The two powerful magnets may help give some pain relief
    Item No: R478
  • Magnetic Foot Arch Brace for - Men

    Magnetic Foot Arch Brace for - Men

    Support your arch with this with this soft, cushioned brace!
    Item No: J600
  • Magnetic Neck Wrap

    Magnetic Neck Wrap

    6 Reviews
    Our fantastic neck wrap fits snugly around your neck, aids heat retention and helps reduce stiffness.
    Item No: J567
  • Magnetic Back Support

    Magnetic Back Support

    3 Reviews
    Helps ease nagging back pain!
    Item No: J549
  • Ladies Posture Corrector

    Ladies Posture Corrector

    5 Reviews
    Improve your posture & help ease back pain!
    Item No: J1168
  • Adjustable Knee Support

    Adjustable Knee Support

    10 Reviews
    Do You Have A Troubled Knee?
    Item No: J713