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  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    18 Reviews
    Now you can measure your blood pressure at home or on the go!
    Item No: J1050
  • Electronic Talking Scales

    Electronic Talking Scales

    26 Reviews
    Weigh yourself without assistance!
    Item No: J1048
  • Pedal Exerciser

    Pedal Exerciser

    3 Reviews
    All the benefits of riding a bike without leaving your chair!
    Item No: J943
  • Magnetic Knee Support Strap

    Magnetic Knee Support Strap

    24 Reviews
    Help your aching knee joints
    Item No: J504
  • Reflexology Mat

    Reflexology Mat

    Unique massaging mat combines the ancient art of reflexology to help relieve sore, tired achy feet. Simply step on the mat and rub your feet over the 2800 nodules and it’ll help increase circulation as it massages the heels, arches and toes of your feet, bringing you quick, temporary relief. Ideal for pain associated with plantar fasciitis and foot tingling. Made from: PVC. Measures: 38cm L x 38cm
    Item No: J1296
  • In Chair Bicycle

    In Chair Bicycle

    Exercise from the comfort of your chair!
    Item No: J1291
  • Pelvic Muscle Exerciser

    Pelvic Muscle Exerciser

    7 Reviews
    Effective and easy way to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles
    Item No: J1114
  • Foot Cushion - Set of 2

    Foot Cushion - Set of 2

    Take the misery out of walking . . . and walk pain free! Soft, silicone gel cushion protects the balls of your feet by relieving pressure, reducing friction and absorbing the jolting shock of walking, running or even standing. Soft and stretchy, it can be worn undetected with most types of shoes and enjoy no more nasty calluses or painful bunions. Set of 2. 60% polyester, 30% cotton and 10% latex. Washable. One size fits most.
    Item No: J727
  • Mini Stepper

    Mini Stepper

    5 Reviews
    Exercise from your favourite chair with the mini foot exerciser!
    Item No: J1063
  • Lavender Sheet Spray

    Lavender Sheet Spray

    6 Reviews
    For a good night sleep scent your sheets with this soothing lavender spray!
    Item No: HC33
  • Snore Free Nose Clip

    Snore Free Nose Clip

    It could be your key to easier nasal breathing and snore-free nights
    Item No: J612
  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Exerciser

    Pelvic Floor Muscle Exerciser

    An effective and easy way to help tone and strengthen pelvic floor muscles
    Item No: J357