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  • Sonic Denture Cleaner

    Sonic Denture Cleaner

    9 Reviews
    This sonic denture cleaner will cleanse your dentures in just 15 minutes.
    Item No: J1078
  • Stable Cane

    Stable Cane

    This clever 4 prong walking stick stays upright so you’ll never drop it!
    Item No: J1089
  • Wrap Around Back Support

    Wrap Around Back Support

    16 Reviews
    Help ease back pain with a customised fit!
    Item No: J1094
  • Foldable Self Standing Cane

    Foldable Self Standing Cane

    10 Reviews
    Never bend over to pick up your walking cane again.
    Item No: J1100
  • Ladies Bamboo & Copper Knee Support

    Ladies Bamboo & Copper Knee Support

    8 Reviews
    Help keep your knees warm and pain free with this copper-infused bamboo knee brace!
    Item No: J1107
  • Mens Bamboo & Copper Knee Support

    Mens Bamboo & Copper Knee Support

    5 Reviews
    Help keep knees warm and pain
    Item No: J1116
  • Boswellia Incense Balm

    Boswellia Incense Balm

    42 Reviews
    The natural formulation to help soothe joints and skin!
    Item No: J1139
  • Booster Cushion

    Booster Cushion

    25 Reviews
    You will bring a new level of comfort to any chair, with this cushion!
    Item No: J1190
  • Comfort Foot Supports

    Comfort Foot Supports

    8 Reviews
    Simply slip into shoes or sneakers for all day support!
    Item No: J1192
  • Tooth Stain Eraser

    Tooth Stain Eraser

    Enjoy a whiter brighter smile!
    Item No: J1203
  • Infrared Back Support

    Infrared Back Support

    7 Reviews
    Self heating back support helps ease pain!
    Item No: J1204
  • Self Heating Insoles

    Self Heating Insoles

    Say goodbye to cold feet!
    Item No: J1224