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  • Boswellia Incense Balm

    Boswellia Incense Balm

    90 Reviews
    The natural formulation to help soothe joints and skin!
    Item No: J1139
  • Anti Aging Cream

    Anti Aging Cream

    26 Reviews
    Remarkable formula helps reduce and cover the signs of ageing
    Item No: C125
  • Collagen Gel

    Collagen Gel

    34 Reviews
    This superb gel gives you visibly younger looking skin in minutes
    Item No: C199
  • Cooling Eye Pads 1PR

    Cooling Eye Pads 1PR

    Say Goodbye To Puffy Eyes
    Item No: C273
  • Easy Feet Scrubber

    Easy Feet Scrubber

    6 Reviews
    It leaves tired feet smooth, clean and rejuvenated!
    Item No: HB10
  • Pure Lye Soap

    Pure Lye Soap

    42 Reviews
    100% Natural soap ends itching and irritation!
    Item No: C281
  • Bamboo Charcoal Soap

    Bamboo Charcoal Soap

    109 Reviews
    Used and prized for thousands of years!
    Item No: C244
  • Blackhead Remover

    Blackhead Remover

    Keep your skin free of blocked pores and impurities with our Blackhead Remover. Simply press gently against problem areas to easily squeeze out oil and dirt instantly. Stainless steel remover is comfortable to grip and comes hygienically packaged and sterile. Measures 12.5cm long.
    Item No: C147
  • Chamomile stick

    Chamomile stick

    8 Reviews
    An age-old remedy for eye puffiness and bags!
    Item No: C117
  • Microfibre Back Scrubber

    Microfibre Back Scrubber

    You'll instantly remove dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils
    Item No: J782