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  • Boswellia Incense Balm

    Boswellia Incense Balm

    42 Reviews
    The natural formulation to help soothe joints and skin!
    Item No: J1139
  • Chamomile stick

    Chamomile stick

    An age-old remedy for eye puffiness and bags!
    Item No: C117
  • Anti Aging Cream

    Anti Aging Cream

    12 Reviews
    Remarkable formula helps reduce and cover the signs of ageing
    Item No: C125
  • Vitamin E Gel

    Vitamin E Gel

    Hydrate your skin with 100% VITAMIN E!
    Item No: C280
  • Miracle Balm Roll On

    Miracle Balm Roll On

    Relieve dry cracked skin... Fast!
    Item No: C293
  • Moisturising Gel Gloves

    Moisturising Gel Gloves

    Moisture is the essence of beauty with these soothing moisturising gloves
    Item No: J1011
  • Pure Lye Soap

    Pure Lye Soap

    25 Reviews
    100% Natural soap ends itching and irritation!
    Item No: C281
  • Bamboo Charcoal Soap

    Bamboo Charcoal Soap

    76 Reviews
    Used and prized for thousands of years!
    Item No: C244
  • Collagen Gel

    Collagen Gel

    19 Reviews
    This superb gel gives you visibly younger looking skin in minutes
    Item No: C199
  • Comfort Massager

    Comfort Massager

    Enjoy the pleasures of a satisfying relaxation massage on every muscle in your body.
    Item No: J601
  • Facial Hair Remover

    Facial Hair Remover

    9 Reviews
    This is the quickest and easiest way to remove unwanted facial hair
    Item No: C236
  • Long Handle Back Scrubber

    Long Handle Back Scrubber

    Take the pain and hassle out of body care!
    Item No: J744