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  • Magnifying Clippers

    Magnifying Clippers

    4 Reviews
    Clever in design these nail clippers feature an adjustable 2x magnifier, that let’s you see UP-CLOSE and CLEARER, than ever before... And with a wide grip plastic cover, they’re easier to control than regular clippers. Handy for those with arthritis and a must for those with poor eyesight. Made from: ABS.
    Item No: C310
  • Diamond Knife Sharpener

    Diamond Knife Sharpener

    10 Reviews
    Get a razor sharp edge on any blade!
    Item No: T309
  • Toenail Clippers - Jumbo Design

    Toenail Clippers - Jumbo Design

    They allow you to use the strength and grip of your entire hand
    Item No: J762
  • Toenail Clippers

    Toenail Clippers

    26 Reviews
    It snips the toughest nails cleanly!
    Item No: J194
  • Diamond Nail File

    Diamond Nail File

    34 Reviews
    The last nail file you will ever buy!
    Item No: C159
  • Deluxe Travel Manicure Set

    Deluxe Travel Manicure Set

    Perfectly groomed nails... At all times!
    Item No: C286A
  • Gel Toe and Protector

    Gel Toe and Protector

    This soothing gel pad gently stretches your toes to reduce overall pressure. It not only helps with circulation but bone realignment! The product is designed with your complete comfort in mind. Foot pain will be a thing of the past with this soothing bunion protector! It's specially designed to be worn all day under socks shoes, stockings or just bare feet. Ease your foot pain and bunion pain and claim your life back Materials: 80% nylon and 20% spandex. Fits men and Ladies.
    Item No: J965
  • Bunion Pads

    Bunion Pads

    4 Reviews
    It will shield, protect and re-position your big toe in proper alignment, to help ease bunion pain
    Item No: J941
  • Nail Treatment

    Nail Treatment

    The tender nail works on the spot to help relive the pain and discomfort of ingrown toe nails
    Item No: J849
  • Easy Grip Scissors

    Easy Grip Scissors

    The angled blades make clipping straighter and neater, preventing ingrown toenails.
    Item No: J723
  • Long Handled Foot Brush

    Long Handled Foot Brush

    Say goodbye to dry, cracked feet!
    Item No: J1042
  • Easy Reach Pedi Tool

    Easy Reach Pedi Tool

    Featuring 136 stainless steel micro files, which quickly remove rough skin without needing to strain or bend.
    Item No: C230