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  • Cosmetic Bag

    Cosmetic Bag

    4 Reviews
    Luxurious cosmetic bag
    Item No: B354
  • Lipstick Primer

    Lipstick Primer

    This smooth conditioning lipstick primer is the key to long lasting lipstick.
    Item No: C242
  • Colour Changing Lipstick - 4 Pack

    Colour Changing Lipstick - 4 Pack

    Clever Mood Stick Lipstick reacts with your own body chemistry to bring out the colour that's really you! Set of 4 produces shades of pink, red or peach that never look the same on two people. Creamy formula moisturisers your lips to protect against dryness and chapping while the colour stays put all day long without having to re apply. Set of 4.
    Item No: C196
  • Olive Oil Moisturising Balm

    Olive Oil Moisturising Balm

    Now you can keep dry, chapped lips smooth and soft with this moisturising balm
    Item No: C255
  • 8 LED Mirror

    8 LED Mirror

    See yourself clearly wherever you are with this compact little beauty!
    Item No: C258
  • Magnifying Makeup Glasses

    Magnifying Makeup Glasses

    Forget make up mishaps! These specially designed Magnifying Make Up Glasses feature unique lenses that can be flipped up or down to give you a magnified view, every time you apply make up. You'll see your eyelashes and eyebrows clearer than ever before so, you can apply fiddly eyeliner or messy mascara with absolute ease.Stylish gold metal frame.
    Item No: U135