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  • Gel Lined Arch Sleeves

    Gel Lined Arch Sleeves

    Help reduce foot strain!
    Item No: J1297
  • Reading Tray

    Reading Tray

    Read comfortably hands free!
    Item No: H1692
  • Reflexology Mat

    Reflexology Mat

    Unique massaging mat combines the ancient art of reflexology to help relieve sore, tired achy feet. Simply step on the mat and rub your feet over the 2800 nodules and it’ll help increase circulation as it massages the heels, arches and toes of your feet, bringing you quick, temporary relief. Ideal for pain associated with plantar fasciitis and foot tingling. Made from: PVC. Measures: 38cm L x 38cm
    Item No: J1296
  • Back Support Cushion

    Back Support Cushion

    Relieve Painful Sitting Pressure!
    Item No: J1208
  • Foam Bunion Shields

    Foam Bunion Shields

    Walk without Bunion pain!
    Item No: J1036
  • Chamomile stick

    Chamomile stick

    8 Reviews
    An age-old remedy for eye puffiness and bags!
    Item No: C117
  • Personal Electric Groomer

    Personal Electric Groomer

    11 Reviews
    Forget the mess, hassle and pain of shaving, tweezing, waxing or electrolysis!
    Item No: C139
  • Diamond Nail File

    Diamond Nail File

    32 Reviews
    The last nail file you will ever buy!
    Item No: C159
  • Collagen Gel

    Collagen Gel

    25 Reviews
    This superb gel gives you visibly younger looking skin in minutes
    Item No: C199
  • Black Hair Colour Comb

    Black Hair Colour Comb

    5 Reviews
    Comb away grey hairs and look years younger!
    Item No: C263

    Regular Price: $12.90

    Now $9.90

    23% OFF

  • Brown Hair Colour Comb

    Brown Hair Colour Comb

    Comb away grey hairs and look years younger!
    Item No: C264

    Regular Price: $12.90

    Now $9.90

    23% OFF

  • Vitamin E Gel

    Vitamin E Gel

    6 Reviews
    Hydrate your skin with 100% VITAMIN E!
    Item No: C280