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  • Avocado Keeper

    Avocado Keeper

    61 Reviews
    Keep halved avocadoes from going to waste with the Avocado Keeper.
    Item No: K1597
  • Snail Design Slug Trap

    Snail Design Slug Trap

    4 Reviews
    Safely get rid of unwanted slugs and snails.
    Item No: QG120
  • Pink Magnetic Photo Frame

    Pink Magnetic Photo Frame

    Display your favourite photos in this delightful Victorian inspired magnet frame
    Item No: K1508
  • Volumising Hair Combs

    Volumising Hair Combs

    6 Reviews
    Naturally add volume to your hair!
    Item No: J1059
  • Butterfly Accessory Hanger

    Butterfly Accessory Hanger

    5 Reviews
    Neatly display and organise your accessories
    Item No: H1607
  • Satin Look Cushion Cover - Blue

    Satin Look Cushion Cover - Blue

    These satin look covers add a lovely splash of colour to tired old seat cushions!
    Item No: H1549
  • Angel Pen

    Angel Pen

    9 Reviews
    Keep this stylish guardian angel pen close to you for reassurance and inspiration at all times.
    Item No: S112
  • Cable Tidy

    Cable Tidy

    Keep your cables tidy and unknotted with our cord organiser
    Item No: V198
  • Chenille House Slippers - Blue

    Chenille House Slippers - Blue

    3 Reviews
    Now is the time for ultimate comfort with these chenille house slippers.
    Item No: DF33
  • Ring Pull Can Opener

    Ring Pull Can Opener

    17 Reviews
    Open ring pull cans with ease!
    Item No: K1641
  • Set 2 Pot Plant Pads

    Set 2 Pot Plant Pads

    Enjoy plants indoors without damaging floors!
    Item No: H1640
  • Portable Mini Fan

    Portable Mini Fan

    3 Reviews
    Carry this hand held fan wherever your summer travel takes you and keep cool
    Item No: N536