Set Descending Direction
  • Thong Coasters

    Thong Coasters

    Protect your tabletops with this set of coasters
    Item No: K1484
  • Chair Stacking Game

    Chair Stacking Game

    4 Reviews
    After a game for all ages? Well, stack your chairs up high!
    Item No: Z306
  • Cat on Armchair Salt & Pepper Set

    Cat on Armchair Salt & Pepper Set

    9 Reviews
    A charming addition to your dinner table
    Item No: K1686
  • Snail Design Slug Trap

    Snail Design Slug Trap

    5 Reviews
    Safely get rid of unwanted slugs and snails.
    Item No: QG120
  • Lace Modesty Camisole

    Lace Modesty Camisole

    Now you can enjoy a more versatile wardrobe instantly.
    Item No: D614
  • Angel Pen

    Angel Pen

    10 Reviews
    Keep this stylish guardian angel pen close to you for reassurance and inspiration at all times.
    Item No: S112
  • Satin Look Cushion Cover - Blue

    Satin Look Cushion Cover - Blue

    These satin look covers add a lovely splash of colour to tired old seat cushions!
    Item No: H1549
  • Cable Tidy

    Cable Tidy

    Keep your cables tidy and unknotted with our cord organiser
    Item No: V198
  • Volumising Hair Combs

    Volumising Hair Combs

    6 Reviews
    Naturally add volume to your hair!
    Item No: J1059
  • Floor and Furniture Touch Up Pen

    Floor and Furniture Touch Up Pen

    3 Reviews
    This clever furniture and floor repair sticks let you restore any nicks or scratches
    Item No: H1144
  • Trinket Box

    Trinket Box

    6 Reviews
    You’ll marvel at the fine detail of this beautiful Trinket Box. Crafted from Dolomite it’s hand- painted and adorned with hand- made delicate 3D pastel coloured roses. It’s such a lovely way to store your tiny treasures and your keepsakes too. There is a quantity purchase limit on this item. No more than 5 permitted per person.
    Item No: N637
  • Jumbo playing cards

    Jumbo playing cards

    4 Reviews
    Turn your favourite card game into a big deal with these jumbo playing cards!
    Item No: Z340