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  • Genuine 1 ct Emerald Earrings

    Genuine 1 ct Emerald Earrings

    3 Reviews
    1 Ct Emerald Earrings
    Item No: R726
  • Amethyst Cross Pendant Necklace

    Amethyst Cross Pendant Necklace

    A beautiful symbol of faith!
    Item No: R725
  • Set of 2 Silver Magnetic Jewellery Clasps

    Set of 2 Silver Magnetic Jewellery Clasps

    44 Reviews
    Never struggle with necklaces or bracelets!
    Item No: R666
  • Diamante Bracelet & Ring Set

    Diamante Bracelet & Ring Set

    6 Reviews
    Every outfit will dazzle with glamour!
    Item No: R683

    Regular Price: $24.90

    Now $14.90

    40% OFF

  • Elegant Pendant Watch

    Elegant Pendant Watch

    5 Reviews
    Pendant is as practical as it Is beautiful!
    Item No: R686

    Regular Price: $24.90

    Now $19.90

    20% OFF

  • Magnetic Copper Bracelet

    Magnetic Copper Bracelet

    6 Reviews
    An elegant accessory!
    Item No: J1191
  • Magnetic Bracelet - Hematite Design

    Magnetic Bracelet - Hematite Design

    The beautifully crafted, cuff design features genuine hematite also known as the “happiness stone”.
    Item No: R500
  • Lords Prayer Crucifix Necklace

    Lords Prayer Crucifix Necklace

    This stunning cross pendant houses the most beautiful and hopeful words ever written.
    Item No: R224
  • Ladies Easy To Read Watch - Gold

    Ladies Easy To Read Watch - Gold

    Forget watches with tiny numbers that you have to squint and strain in order to read! These stylish watches feature a clean white face with jumbo, clear and easy to read numbers you can see a glance. Set upon an attractive easy on, off stretch band and they have precision quartz movement that keeps perfect time. Ideal to wear day or night! Battery incl. Watch stretches from 9cm to 12.5cm L. Watch face 3cmD.
    Item No: R520
  • Trinket Box

    Trinket Box

    6 Reviews
    You’ll marvel at the fine detail of this beautiful Trinket Box. Crafted from Dolomite it’s hand- painted and adorned with hand- made delicate 3D pastel coloured roses. It’s such a lovely way to store your tiny treasures and your keepsakes too. There is a quantity purchase limit on this item. No more than 5 permitted per person.
    Item No: N637
  • Ladies' Easy Read Watch

    Ladies' Easy Read Watch

    3 Reviews
    Tell the time at a glance, without squinting or straining!
    Item No: R648
  • Ceramic Trinket Box

    Ceramic Trinket Box

    It’s such a lovely way to store your tiny treasures.
    Item No: N637A